I discovered Adobe Spark a few months ago while I was searching for an easy way to create quotes. Spark Post is by far the easiest thing I’ve found and it’s free.

The web is getting increasingly visual. Social media especially is focused on visual material. When you add a graphic or photo to your post or Tweet, not only does it occupy more real estate, but it catches people’s eye. Think about it: when you’re scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed you tend to slow down when there’s an image or video.

Enter Spark Post. It provides you with the design, font type, and access to thousands of free stock images.

Step 1: Choose a Design


Step 2: Start Your Remix

unnamed-2    unnamed-3

You can change the background photo, choose a different theme, color palate, add animation, and so much more. If you like design then you can customize your own. If you’re like me and just like playing around a bit then you have a template to go off.

Step 3: Save for Social Media


Once you’re finished remixing your post you can adjust as needed for a variety of different sizes. I recommend choosing the size before you start remixing, but if you’re posting it on multiple sites it can be helpful to create a copy and then tweak the layout.

Simple, right? Below are a couple examples we’ve created for HPH. Take a look for some inspiration and then get started.

Let us know what you think!