“Selfish marketing doesn’t last.” -Seth Godin

This article is one of the most inspiring I’ve read in regard to marketing and made me think of marketing in a whole new light. Too often the mindset of the marketer is “How is this going to help me succeed, make money, get noticed?” If you are constantly only thinking of yourself and not how your marketing is going to benefit your target audience, then your target audience isn’t going to care. They will unfollow you, unfriend you, and stop buying your product. “How can I help others and what do I want to accomplish?”, should be the mindset of every marketer and every business person. With this mindset your products and the marketing used to promote those products, will be more successful and more enriching.

Seth Godin states, “Sometimes there’s an overlap between your selfish needs and hers [the consumer], but you can save everyone a lot of time and hassle if you begin and end with a focus on being of service.”

The only way your marketing will last long term is if you adopt this new way of thinking. So before every post, every video, every ad, every new book, think “how is this going to help others?”