“Often, email works better than social media, and it’s the perfect complement to a blog”

Emma Siamask0.


Image Credit: www.pixabay.com

E-mail marketing is not often thought of as an essential marketing tool, but it should be. The focus lately has been on social media but think of this: A newsletter is guaranteed to go directly to members of your target audience. With social media you have to hope that your fans and potential fans happen to see your posts among hundreds of other things they are scrolling through in their newsfeeds. A newsletter also allows you to highlight many different things in one sitting. You could include snippets from your blog, release dates for future novels, release dates for books within genres you enjoy, writing tips, links to all of your social accounts and webpages. Your fans will have access to everything they need in one e-mail in order to connect with you.

E-mail gives an air of privacy and feels personal, like writing a letter to a dear friend. With social media you are talking to a mass of people at once and they all know it. E-mail is a better way, more direct way, to market your blogs, books, tips, facts about you, etc. Plus there’s so much freedom. You can e-mail thank you notes to your fans, holiday greetings, book coupons, author news, etc. and again all of this goes right to their inbox and
makes them feel special that you would think of them. One major tip when crafting your e-mail is to come up with a catchy subject line that will encourage your recipients to actually open your newsletter.

There are quite a few e-mail marketing and campaign services such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact, and Campaigner that make it easier for you to design and craft your newsletter, upload your recipient list, and track the activity of your e-mail (number of opens, whether it was forwarded, which links were clicked, etc.). We particularly like MailChimp. It is free every month unless you send over 12,000 e-mails each month. They also offer pre-designed templates and pre-built templates with a layout and then you have the design freedom.

Take a break from your social media marketing once in a while and try something different like sending a newsletter.