“Use the power of your community—and the people you know—to gain momentum…It’s often easier to gain traction that way, and encourage word of mouth to ripple further out as a stepping-stone to the more difficult PR wins.”-Jane Friedman

Trying to go too big too soon will only burn you out and burn through your cash. If you focus on successfully marketing yourself within the local community, it is likely that the outside community will eventually take notice and big attention will follow. Start with what you know and who you know and your marketing will be more successful. Here are some questions that Jane Friedman advises you ask before starting your promotions:

● Who will be the easiest group to convince to read or buy this book?

● What events, organizations, or businesses exist (regionally or nationally) that focus on my target demographic?

● What local or regional media outlets regularly cover authors? What does that coverage look like or what is it sparked by?

● What local or regional venues (aside from bookstores) regularly feature authors or books?

I feel that libraries are a great answer and option for this last question. One way you can begin marketing yourself locally is to link up with your county libraries. Libraries are attempting to change the way they are perceived and it is working. They are no longer just a place to check out free books. They are a place of reading events, author signings, exercise classes, study hall, movie nights, concerts, family activities and more.

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. Think small and think easy. This concept may seem counter intuitive, but in the author world it’s definitely not.