I recently read the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. In this book she discusses how our mind can be our worst enemy. Sometimes instead of taking action, we let our minds take over. Within 5 seconds our bodies and natural instincts can be

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talked out of doing something your should or talked into doing something you shouldn’t. To combat this damaging behavior in her own life, Mel developed the 5 Second Rule. The premise is that you count down from 5 and then physically move towards what you have previously procrastinated or been afraid of or avoided. This also applies to stopping yourself from doing something like drinking too much, looking at your phone, or binge eating late at night. Mel says that there will always be things you dislike or are afraid of, but you need to face them anyway. The longer you wait, the more unhappy you’ll become, the more sheltered you’ll become, the more overwhelmed you’ll become.


She also mentions that our most productive hours of the day begin after we wake up. So turn off the alarm, get up, and get writing. It only takes seconds to start your day and your life off right.

I recommend everyone read The 5 Second Rule and if you have, I would love to hear how you are applying the rule in your life and the impact it has on your life.