Instagram is one of the more popular social media outlets right now. As mentioned in previous blogs people are more likely to stop and read a post or click a link if there is an intriguing picture associated with it. If you have an Instagram account you can link it to your Facebook account and then only need to post from one outlet to hit two. I know a lot of business owners right now that receive the majority of their business leads from Instagram.

According to a study conducted by SmartInsights, there are over 6 million users on Instagram. This is even more than Twitter! So if you don’t have an account already I recommend you sign up.

Here are some pointers from Social Media Examiner for marketing yourself and your author business online:

  • Only post photos that are high quality-Nobody likes to look at a blurry picture. Making sure your pictures look good also shows that you care about quality and being a professional.
  • Use a Bitly link for the website you highlight in your bio. This allows you to more accurately track the number of people finding your website through Instagram. Here is a great article about how to do that and the difference between Bitly and Google Analytics.
  • Add hashtags to your bio so people can more easily find you if they are using roundabout methods.
  • Cross promote and tag others involved in the same industry as you to reach a larger audience.
  • Use appropriate #hashtags-You can search the most popular hashtags used by authors and then utilize them in your own posts.
  • Post a variety of pictures and video
  • If you have a particular post that is performing well, you can always boost it or sponsor it to garner even more traffic.
  • Adding a quote or comment over top of your photo will increase the likelihood of sharing-You can do this with apps such as Adobe Spark, After Photos, Quick, or PicLab.
  • Host a contest where contestants have to tag their friends. This is an easy way to increase views on your Instagram page and website because your followers essentially do it for you.

Hopefully these tips were helpful and inspired you to ‘GRAM IT UP ;)!