Your book title is the first thing that a person will see when they look at your book. This is why its so important that your title provides enough intrigue and information that someone wants to pick up your book and start reading. “The title of your book is–by far–the most important book marketing decision you’ll make.”-Tucker Max (blogger for Book in a Box) A great book title will match the following critieria:

  • Easy to Say
  • Easy to Read
  • Not too Controversial
  • Adequate reflection of the theme and content of your book
  • Isn’t already being used
  • Intriguing

To start the process, Tucker Max advises you to ask yourself what purpose you want your book title to serve. Do you want it to help you build a brand, catch attention, be a reflection of you as the author, be apart of a series, etc.? Then you can begin writing down ideas. Tucker offers detailed brainstorming ideas in his blog article Picking the Perfect Book TitleAfter you have narrowed down your titles you will want to test them out on people you know, strangers, libraries, send out a survey, etc. and hopefully this will help you hone in on that one perfect title.