Even if your book is not a best seller, you should still be proud of your work and what you have accomplished. Writing a book is HARD. It is physically, emotionally, and spiritually straining to write a novel. I imagine that many aspired authors quit before they are finished because of the toll it takes on their psyche. When you finish a novel you should be proud that you endured, that you were disciplined, creative, and inspired. Joanna Penn offers 7 specific reasons why you should be proud of your work, even if your book is not a best seller.

  1. You Completed Something-Not many people can say that they accomplished something as difficult as writing a novel. Be proud and smile for the fact that you did it!
  2. You Created Something-you had an idea and you followed through to create something inspired and artistic.
  3. You Were In Flow-Joanna describes this as having states of deep concentration and lost sense of time. “Although emotions are absent at the time, flow states are associated with long-term happiness… Not everyone experiences this wonderful, magical state.”
  4. You Learned and Grew as a person and author-any experience can be counted as a learning experience.
  5. You Failed-(although I don’t whole heartedly agree with this one). Not having a best seller is not a failure. You can count the release of your book as a success and even if your book or books are not best sellers you can still be successful as a writer and count your process as a grand learning experience.
  6. You Found Your Author Tribe-you likely had the opportunity to network with other authors, publishers, or editors during your writing process. The relationships that you established will be helpful during your future writing sessions and your future success as an author. These people can be there to offer advice, encourage you, allow you to vent or confide in them, or even introduce you to more people who can offer assistance along the way.
  7. You Showed Courage-Joanna’s quote is beautiful, No matter what type of book you write, you reveal some of your authentic self…A book is a window to the writer’s soul.” By making your work of art public you are allowing others to truly see you. As a writer you are exposed and it takes courage to keep putting yourself out there.

So please do not be discouraged if you didn’t sell as many copies as you wanted, or received as many reviews, or there was that one person that was critical of your book. Take everything in and use it constructively to create your next work of art. BE PROUD of who you are and what you create!