Yes, you are a writer and yes, you use your words more often than pictures to convey your thoughts and feelings, but the fact is we live in a visual society now. We had to adapt to the flood of information we can now access and did this by shortening our attention span and mastering the ability to briefly “scan” so that we can “multitask, prioritize, and consume quickly and efficiently”. The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” rings truer today than in years past. People still read books for entertainment but getting someone to read about your book on social media or anywhere online really, is an entirely different story.

People typically don’t stop to read an article or a post in their newsfeed unless there is an intriguing headline, picture, or video associated with it. We have become an impatient society and need visual stimulation to provoke us to further explore the written word. A study conducted by researchers in Canada revealed that the average human attention span today is about 8 seconds.  This is why it is so important that you incorporate images and videos into your posts and why the choice of your book title and cover are so important as well.

Please keep this in mind when crafting your posts, e-mails, subject lines, and blogs and you will have much greater marketing success as an author.