Stream of Consciousness

When you have writer’s block or are particularly not motivated to work on your book, try Stream of Consciousness writing. The term was introduced by William James in 1890 and Dorothy Richardson was the first to apply the concept to a writing style with her book Pointed Roofs in 1915. It is a method of writing wherein you write without a filter. You don’t have to be concerned with spelling, grammar, punctuation, or whether you make sense. This type of writing can help free your mind of clutter and identify themes, ideas, thoughts and feelings that may have been lurking in your subconscious and just needed to be brought forth. Sometimes the best way to identify ideas is to not think so hard.

Stream of Consciousness is designed to directly mirror your flow of thought. We do not think in sentences or add punctuation. Our minds operate on one continuous “stream”.

Stream of Consciousness writing frees your mind from structure, stress,    and allows everything to flow from your mind onto paper.

Sometimes rules can hold us back from rising up to our true potential. Applying this method allows you to break the rules and operate outside of the “box” and hopefully tap into some truly awesome stories and ideas.

I would love to hear if any of you have tried Stream of Consciousness writing and the outcome you experienced. Please share below! Happy writing everyone and remember there is always a way around writer’s block.